DreamMakers continues in Central Asia

Central Asia DreamMakersIn March I was able to return to Central Asia; it’s been a couple of years since my last trip there. Two hundred teachers attended the two conferences. A central theme in our plenary sessions is sharing how worldviews are formed and how our view of the world affects decision-making. The teachers all attended on their week off from school, so it was a real sacrifice to be there.

Central Asia Conference AttendeesOne of the teachers mentioned she had a meeting in the afternoon and wouldn’t be able to come on one of the days; but after the first day, she decided to cancel her appointment and stay. I thanked her at the end of the day and she said, No, I thank you. Now I feel like I can help my students. You pour into us so we can pour into the students.”

As we began, a number of teachers had no idea what a worldview is, how it impacts the way a person lives their life, and even how a teacher teaches. The talks and discussion made it clear, and they were excited to know how to evaluate their own philosophy.


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